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Lionfish are armed, shouldn't you be?Foldspear Lionfish PackageLionfish CookbookLionfish Slayer Zookeeper PackageBe a part of the solution to the lionfish invasion!

Thank you for visiting Our mission is to provide you with the largest selection of Lionfish Hunting equipment and gifts at the lowest prices. Because the lionfish has no predators in the Atlantic, they have begun to take over the reefs in many locations and displace our native marine life. We will never eliminate the lionfish because they have already established themselves and are capable of breeding at a phenomenal rate, but as divers we are able to control their population in the relatively shallow waters where we dive. By controlling the lionfish in these sensitive areas, we will be able to give our native juvenile reef fish a chance to grow. Hopefully the Atlantic and Caribbean marine life can adapt to the lionfish invasion and eventually start preying on the lionfish themselves, but until then we will continue to do our part to protect our native species by hunting and consuming as many lionfish as we can.